Holiday Market

Our annual Holiday Market is coming up soon. This year, it falls on Saturday, November 8th and will be held from 9 -2. Members of the congregation or visitors of the church spend time crafting, making baked goods, selling raffle tickets for a number of prizes which will be exciting to anyone no matter their taste among many other things.

Outside vendors are welcome to rent available space, the proceeds of which go solely to their own individual businesses. Any profits resulting due to the dedication and contribution of our congregation go immediately to outreach programs in the local community.

While being called a Holiday Market, upon visiting, you will see that the items are not, by any means, solely related to the season. We would love for you to come by as it is a great way to not only find wonderful and one of a kind items but a way to support charities as well.


If you are looking for a warm and friendly place to worship and don’t want to get lost in the crowd of a large church, Hyde Park Presbyterian Church may be what you are looking for. We are a small church with a big heart. Our members and friends are very welcoming and will make you feel at home. Our pastor delivers inspiring sermons which provide us with something to think about and to apply to our daily lives in the upcoming week. We also have gifted musicians who enhance our worship services with wonderful music.

Located in the historic area of Hyde Park, we have been serving the Austin community for over 100 years. Although we are a small church, we take pride in the number of outreach programs that we participate in and support.  Our worship service is on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. and we would love to have you visit.

What People are Saying about Hyde Park Presbyterian Church

“What a wonderful and warm place. I felt at home the minute I walked in the door. The diversity of the crowd was nice and everyone was so kind and friendly. It was just a great atmosphere overall!”

“There is a sweet, sweet spirit in this church. Everyone including the pastor, the musicians and the congregation made me feel very welcome. The sermon was delivered in a way that made it very relevant to daily life. In this day and age of mega churches and glossy ministers, I really like Hyde Park Presbyterian Church’s simple style.”

“A beautiful church, good service and people that are very delightful and accepting.”

“The people of HPPC make my home away from home. When I enter the sanctuary, I am always greeted by smiles and familiar faces. The dedicated members light the candle to symbolize our continued faith. The care of the buildings and grounds reflect the beauty and love of the people. I am so grateful to call HPPC my church, my home.”

“My son and I chose Hyde Park Presbyterian Church because it has a small congregation and also found everyone to be very friendly. The pastor is very loving and caring as well as always available to listen whether she has known you for years or you have only visited a time or two. When the passing of the peace comes around, each person reaches out for one another’s hand and/or exchange hugs and everyone is made sure to feel as if their presence is appreciated.”

Children’s Time

Each week, time is taken for the children who attend church so they may learn about things which are valuable to them both now and in the future. The focus is always on how to treat others, growing up to be strong, caring, giving and kind spirited individuals. The lessons always connect to the sermon and are directly related to God’s message yet in a special and fun way that a child can understand.