The Symbol of Our Faith

While most Presbyterians are familiar with the official PC Seal, the majority don’t know either the meaning behind it or the planning and intricacies that went in to its creation. Upon first glance, it is easy to notice the cross, dove and flames. While such a seemingly simplistic symbol, there are many representations of our faith intertwined that demonstrate our beliefs.

Of course, the cross in its entirety is most prominent, serving as a reminder of the unending love that God and Jesus have for each and every one of us. The dove confirms the solitude and purity that the death of Christ brought and continues to bring to a world filled with struggle and disparagement.

If you look directly beneath the dove, suddenly the image of an open book emerges. That book is the Bible serving as a reminder to keep our minds and hearts open while extending our hands and passing along what we know to others.

It can also be noted that the center of the dove is in the shape of a fish. Jesus fed thousands with solely a few, another symbol of how it is important to give to others, tithe and be active participants in community organizations as a means of serving others.

What looks merely like a logo is actually a well-constructed presentation and reminder of what our congregation is based on and believes in.

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