OCTOBER 15            9:15 a.m.       HOMELESSNESS
Adult Church School                        Chaplain Matt Freeman, Director of Outreach Mobil Loaves & Fish

OCTOBER 22            9:15 a.m.       YOUTH HOMELESSNESS
Adult Church School                        Mac Mc Klusky, Director of Youth Homelessness for Micah 6

OCTOBER 29                                 HALLOWEEN PARTY FOR CHILDREN

OCTOBER 29           9:15 a.m.        WOMEN & CHILDREN IN NEED
Adult Church School                        Casa Marinelli


SEPTEMBER 10        9:15 a.m.       WORLD RELIGIONS
Adult Church School                        Dr. Whit Bodman

SEPTEMBER 17        9:15 a.m.       WORLD RELIGIONS
Adult Church School

SEPTEMBER 24        9:15 a.m.       WORLD RELIGIONS
Adult Church School:                       Dr. Whit Bodman

OCTOBER 1              9:15 a.m.       JUDAISM
Adult Church School                        Rabbi Neil Blumof

OCTOBER 7              9:30 a.m.       BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS

OCTOBER  8             9:15 a.m.       HINDUISM
Adult Church Sc


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