Building Use

Our property is comprised of three unique buildings of various sizes which can fit the needs either on a recurring basis or solely once for both members and non-members. They are the perfect space for birthdays, classes, family reunions, meetings, recitals, weddings or any other occasion although prior approval is required.The sanctuary is ideal for musical rehearsals, events or concerts as there are excellent acoustics, speakers that impeccably project sound throughout the space as well as a wonderful baby grand piano. The sound levels can be adjusted so that as few as ten guests in the front can hear at a comfortable level or as many as 125 can each hear every note perfectly.

Wooten Hall is a spacious area to use for classes, groups or large meetings requiring tables and chairs or, if preferred, can simply be removed. Additionally, it includes a kitchen and an attached nursery. If you select it for a birthday party or family reunion, the space can easily be and beautifully decorated.

The third building on the property is Mavis’ House which is a small, intimate and historic home. If space is needed for only a few people but access to a copier or fax machine is required, it is very fitting. The setting is warm and consists of a classroom, library and lovely parlor.

Our locale has many things to offer in both a beautiful neighborhood and inviting and comfortable environment as well.

Our guidelines for use of the buildings are available below in the Building Use Agreement. If you are interested in using our property, please contact us using the Contact page or by calling our church at 512-459-7747.

Building Use Agreement 
Building Use Musical Agreement