In 1909, three seminary students began work in Hyde Park. They were interested in securing a building and land to start a church. For many years, a saloon operated on 40th Street, much to the displeasure of the neighborhood. A plan was conceived to rid the neighborhood of the saloon and at the same time establish a church as if a church was in close proximity to a saloon, the saloon would be forced to close.

Hyde Park Baptist Church was in the process of building a new church and their old building was for sale. The building was purchased for the sum of $450 and moved to 40th Street. On December 18, 1910, Hyde Park Presbyterian Church opened its doors with 13 charter members.

In 1921, the church was moved to its current location at the corner of 40th Street and Avenue B. The members thought the large corner lot covered by stately oak trees would make a small church more attractive. Rooms were added and renovations were made. The original building, dating back to 1895, is still the primary portion of the current sanctuary.

In 1948, a fellowship hall (an old Army mess hall) was added and named Wooten Hall after longtime member, Ed Wooten. A few years later, the house next door was purchased as a manse. In later years, the building has been used for the pastor’s office and for Sunday school and meeting rooms. The building was renamed Mavis’ House in 2010 after devoted member, Mavis Buck.

Although many pastors have served the church over the years, our current pastor, Linda Bourianoff, has served with us for the past twelve years.

In 1990, the church was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the buildings and grounds were completely renovated in 2010. We are continually working to make our church an even lovelier and more inviting place and we welcome all to join us in worship.

Hyde Park Presbyterian Church has served the Austin community for over 100 years and will continue to do so in the future.